THE JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE marca VOL. The terminal balls are slowly drawn apart aud computadoras sparks allowed to flow between thes'o terminals, forming a spark-gap which shouki bo increased to the toleration of the patient; the muscles under! vmg the electrode contract during the intervals betwieu" the sparks at the spark-gap, (he size and vigour of the contractions being iu direct proportion to tlie length ot tha gap aud iu inverse proportion to the area of the electjode. THIS BOOK IS DUE ON THE LAST DATE STAMPED BELOW (punto). Again, in the intrinsic variety, the disease at first remains'a local one, owing to being surrounded by a' cartilaginous box' from which the intrinsic Ivmphatics liave a poor connexion with the neighbouring glands iu the neck." I also found from my investigations that subglottic cases amougst lifty cases of laryngeal cancer." I referred iu my paper to these subglottic extension cases;' the more serious, because recurrences are more apt to occur in them, and if the d.sease has extended into the subglottic region it is difficult to remove it from the inner surface of the cricoid plate because here the perichondrium is more firmly adherent and there is a break iu the continuity of the penchondrium of the thyroid and cricoid cartilages.""it is especially difficult to get beyond the growth in those cases where the growth has extended in between the thvroid and cricoid cartilages, aud infiltrated the muscles in' this The importance of Sir StClair Thomson's contribution lies in the fact that his conclusions are derived from a personal series of fifty thyro-fissures, and that they not only confirm, but prove, that the conclusions which I had THE TREATMENT OF CUTANEOUS ANTHRAX: de. Theoretically, veterans who receive free treatment for illnesses and disabilities not connected with their war service are supposed to be men or The nonservice-connected patients sign state-! they are seeking free from the effects VA. This committee establishes broad policy for the convention, including the setting of dates and place for the meeting, decides on the general format of productiva the program, delineates the areas of responsibility for the major cosponsoring organizations, and oversees the budget for the COMMITTEE ON COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH PLANNING physicians abreast of all developments in the area of health planning and to encourage a leadership role for physicians in this important field.

En - the mat ter is one of really national importance as regards the future of the rising generation, and furnishes an argument in favor of the appointment by the school boards of medical inspectors in their several districts, men who should be competent to detect errors of accommodation and other defects of vision, and to use the laryngoscope and rhinoscope, and familiar with the early diagnosis of infectious diseases and the essentials of practical sanitation, as well as with the methods of anthropometry. This resolution states that a system should be developed and implemented between insurance carriers, TPAs, and employers to verify eligibility and to ensure prompt payment for medical services rendered and to relieve the physician of the responsibility of further verifying eligibility when the patient presents apparently valid insurance information (mesa).

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Among the Greeks, they were known under the name of the Pastophori, and it was their allotted function to study the six medical scriptures of Tot, as it was the duty of the other members of the hierarchy, to render themselves minutely acquainted with the remaining thirty-six volumes promulgated for the instruction of his countrymen, by "precio" that eminent Besides these general notices concerning the pristine state of our art, in Egypt, some others have been collected, and preserved, by the diligence, or intercourse of Grecian, and Jewish writers.


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Intensely active and busy, he has not lost sight of the fact that it is not just the side doing of things that is important but the highest ability.

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