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'' That a morbid condition of the blood exists, giving rise to the
cities. The number of deaths in New Or- " If through our failing to establish the
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nosis extremely unfavorable. Otiier marked ataxic symptoms, such as
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paralysis of the third nerve on the right side, which caused ptosis of
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form, the symptoms may be due to the actual deposition of sodium biurate in
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II rated their analgesia as good or excellent compared
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finite hue. If the period of pregnancy be at all advanced, it is
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afflicted. TliiS valuable article has been found highly
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and the bone denser. Inside of a year he will probably be able to
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Acne. — Prof. Shoemaker prescribed (i/iso?. Times)
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of poisoning was 273 ; and it appeared, that in many instances the in-
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pedicle, giving rise to great distention of the bloodvessels.
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It is only upon some few individuals that this peculiar effect
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cases not amenable to simpler means. This operation is a
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capacity of the country. The third column shows this ratio for the
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Fracturen im Stehbett. Arch. f. klin. Chir., Berl., 1893,
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impaired, especially in the distribution of the seventh nerve : there
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consultation can wait until completion of office hours. Dr.
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mine, grains .01, hypodermically. In addition he received
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bowels, the eructations, the flatus, the palpitations
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from individual doctors and county societies. If you feel
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this country, of the present century. We are indebted to Professor
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probably it is an important exciting cause where alcohol or
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such slight amounts of sugar simply turns it yellow, but without any
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lishiui^ capitals, in Europe. Among the many causes which led
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formance of digestion is with difficulty established, suffer from
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loss of hearing, first in the left and afterwards in the right ear,
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been described under the title of head-nodding (p. 903) there are several
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All income is prorated over the period to which it applies.
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of urine into the connective tissue of the kidney consequent upon
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Winters, Harrison Allison J. H. Van DeMan .Tennessee.
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belong to the extensive domain of influenza neuroses.
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phrenologist, comparative anatomist, and, we may say, to the
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cavities. The term pyemia therefore includes more than the mere
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government spends on healthcare, only 43 cents worth of
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able proof of the existence of syphilis. As this is practically only pos-
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when we feel called on to administer secretly, in a concentra-
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as the latter was getting deeper into the wound, I was only pushing the
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Scabies never gets well spontaneonslj, but is very amenable to