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under five years of age numbered 4CX); over five years of

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of the City of New Orleans 580 deaths from all causes,

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heart was found to be enlarged, apex beat feeble, pulse

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should be cautioned in i-egard to diet and hygiene, and, if travel in for-

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or the uterus, the permeability of the capillaries in

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a population of 27,000,000) was 12,278 in 1908, ac-

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injection was made first in the gluteal region, but

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individual patients or of other members of the family, and in some few in-

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feasible to accomplish this invagination would vary.

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influenacc. The results of the first season's observa-

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viscera ; when, however, the ulcer acts as an emunc-

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18 Burroughs, Wellcome Antidiphtheric serum, antigonococcic se-

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Complained of occipital ache and se\ere head pains, nausea

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atropine ; this then shows that inflamed tissues can-

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even actual contraction. Possibly there is an anal-

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to allow a steady inflow and outflow of the solution.

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observed is almost invariably to the left, and a numerical coincidence exists

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and I have frequently taken occasion to speak well of the method.

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of the wound. If the pus flows in too large a quantity to be absorbed

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ous system normal. Reflexes and pupils were about nor-

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Rush, John O., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted four-

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simply treating filthiness with filth. At their feasts

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made from selected material by an expert pharmaceutical chemist. I

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have been reported iu medical literature since Kussmaul's time. The

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there is but one course to follow. There i> but one

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case is seen after the lapse of some time, with the

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XXIX. Houston (Dublin Journ. Med. and Chefn. Sciences, 1836, viii.

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is a " grumbling " that should not be ignored. If these patients live

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able as it is in many respects, and perhaps adequate for a long and active

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the circulation and so produce the degeneration in the kidneys. In many

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.lo question C ivas azvarded to Dr. Neil D. Graham, of,

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