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two are mixed thoroughly by pouring from one beaker
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further effects or after-ailments had resulted from the former.
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spinal fluid is available. The globulin solution is removed
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last American edition of this work was published in 1880, less than
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Midler's fluid), although ordinary body fat (which is a neutral fat) does. The myelin has
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pollen may vary also. If treatment is given for the tree pollens
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Turning from the predisponents of the disease to its causa causans,
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some sclerosis. As a rule these vessels are much further along
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for bulk of the broth. Then fill the desired number of tubes with
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interpreted as follows: "Apex is in the fifth interspace 10.2 cm.
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dealing with a severely injured kidney, and diuretics are in-
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in the same case from day to day. Speaking generally, the amount of
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sclerosis anywhere except in his brain. It is also of interest that
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culture to plate media and thus reduces chances of con-
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In secondary overgrowth a new tissue is first produced, either as the result of
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are medium thick-shelled with a very pronounced lateral spine
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the serodiagnosis of other febrile diseases. (See par. 299.)
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the Institute at Nantasket Beach, but it was soon evident that
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resistant forms, Fontana stain for spreads, and Levaditi stain for
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pected, but least likely to be a cause of trouble, espe-
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they think that dependence on these lessens the faith. Tell
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theria, and mumps as a child. Three years ago she was sick
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three years ago. The editor gives as his reasons the marvellous
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clot that does not shrink, or to the action of a rennet-like enzyme,