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M. Thomas seconded the resolution, which was carried.
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5x7 1-2, 30 pages and 10 full page illustrations of
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contagious pneumonia and the abdominal form of influenza : " At the commencement, when the
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over the left side of the head, and, at the same time, the ordinary
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hospitals may be as destructive to convalescents and as saddening to
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ent individuals, by Dr. Page, our excellent house-surgeon ; and by my-
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Dr. A. Halley, in seconding the resolution, repudiated all inten-
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177. A green paroquet, belonging to M. A — , living at No. 9, Rue
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16. A nine-year-old gelding brought for examination on the 20th
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am about to make applies less forcibly to sling-splints — have this disad-
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Gallictts, the identity of the directions in these two
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would be much superior, both as regards convenience and purity of
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is when it produces grave symptoms in consequence of its pressing on
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plan is as creditable to Esmarch's heart as the carrying of it out is to
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occasion Dr. Johnson, then a child four or five years
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and that two members, Mr. Dehane and Dr. Jeaffreson, have died
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do without expecting any additional remuneration. I am, etc.,
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without influence on the course and changes of the disease. They
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firmary, and he knew that a man can become a surgeon by practice