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fall, c'lnd at llie liejriiinin;; of exi)iiation it continues for some time to
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that special plantation, to use again the analogy of the central irrigation
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V ay li\ which synthesis could oci-iir under these conditions would he
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even when given in doses of 20 to 80 grains from one to three times a day.
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compared and contrasted. In the early literature only the most extreme
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muscles are attached. Here and there- small areas of unaltered bone were
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convincing, save trauma, and overexertion and hyperaemia of the muscles.
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mounted all the difficulties, so as to be able to suc-
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indigo-carmme, in a short time an excretion of the coloring matter followed
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iiiii<><iii witli iIk' iirtorv. I'Ji Aii.\ ••liiiiiL'f in IIh' IiIihhI picHHurf ni' thi'
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altered areas are quite sharply demarcated from the rest and may involve
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origin, associated with a lowered conmtion of metabolism and induced by
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value, but, as a rule, not to the same extent as the others.
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fibromas, sometimes painful, and lipomas often occur in the skin. Flushing,
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lilnnd (hirini; its jiassajfc thrnii^h the lissnes, and Ihe eirnr thereh.x
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l>r. n"aiimont. while a siii'_'eon in the sers iec of llir Amerienii troops
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' American Journal of the Medicol Sciences, 1904, cxxviii, 1038.
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Albarran* considers the frequency of stone on both sides as an argument in
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the vessels of the neck gives rise to cyanosis and oedema of the face. One
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Suddenly the sluice gates are opened and there is a rush of fluid into the
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iijiry caters illijil is. ni' jn-iik ccmt.-rniiii',' tiic ciiilMiNyj ,,]■ COOlI f,'rciiip
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often affected; the long bones of the extremities, and the pelvis next. No
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I.nxtlv llM.r :,M- 111,. ,li:niii ,. i,N. i„ ,,|,„ |, ,„., .^,,.ii| > ,.\l.| :
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pathological researches, lest it should be imagined
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uianules renniin jtraetically as nuniei'ous as in a resting •;land, but in the
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ultimate result. As a rule, in the patients with acute attacks the outlook is
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Tli< liiiii of chilliiifi varies u'reatly accordiiiu' to the conditions iiin!
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secretion, are .pccurrinf; in the t:land cell. I.uf they throw no light on th.
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rated of course most completely upon the fine cancellated parts»
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that thr rati' nl' nntllnw I'mm aii> p;irt nl' tlir systi'iti di-pi'inis (inall.v .>:
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knit quickly, more rarely slowly. The amount of callus thrown out varies