Selegiline And Demerol Interaction

Member ; Mr. T. Arthur, London. (B) Dr. R. Boxall, London ;
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the only part which shows any sign of mischief. And this is
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rated in his interesting paper a well-marked case of this kind.
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defective rain-water pipes in direct communication with
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forating ulcer of the Cfccum setting up suppuration, the
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Medicine in Ireland, entertained his Excellency the Lord
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plained of any discomfort— as some did — or not.
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arguments whieli had been used would be fully considered..
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Arthur Davies, m.B., Swansea, Honorary Secretaries.
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ing — not, lie believed, a formal commitment, as the result of
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tDthers, had shown that there is great danger in introducing
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the general practitioners. Meanwhile the only attempts
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porary or a permanent building shall be erected, but in all
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combined for the construction of a draughty room, and that
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selegiline and demerol interaction
our correspoudent might consult. We believe, however, that the fees
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bat tht^most prolonged cooking wili serve to remedy. Y^'e
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or enemataare in this acute condition very doubtful remedies,
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of the local council: Dr. (J. B. Craig (Willington-ou-Tyne), Dr. John
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eldepryl and demerol interaction
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phosphorus necrosis of the lower jaw on the left side.
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several counties by reason of their smallness or peculiar
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placed in the passage between the closets and urinal, and
eldepryl and demerol interactions
lorerunner a catarrh of the CHJcum, set up by indigestible food
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49 cases when Dr. Moxon issued his annual i-eport— namely, 29 in West
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In London the cases la«»t week were in excess, so far as we can learn, of
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there was a rather tense, hut soft, irreducible sero'al swelling,
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and the abscess. The wound was partially closed by stitches, and
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valescence, gradually becoming dwindled in numbers, and
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eldepryl and demerol effects
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Victoria Place, Belfast; James Limont, M.B., 3, Queen's
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of a stillborn child after a very tedious and difficult opera-
interaction between selegiline and demerol
It has been stated to us. and the documentary evidence adduced in
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C B. Brigade-Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel MoLeod, Brigade-
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F. S., a lad of about l.i years of age. had from early childhood cataract
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appears to be the view of Professor Brown. If the section
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tions were taken to the proposed arrangement of the paheontologicai
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History. — Being an orphan, the only history obtainable was
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previously the morphine had been partly replaced by anil-
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at the apex of Scarpa's triangle. The operation was completely
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the adductor locgus muscle was constantly in action. Patient lay on the
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as personally favourable ; and, indeed, it is difficult to