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The Lettsomian Lectures on the Treatment of some of the Forms of

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Nov. 17th, o'clock, A.M. — No improvement: symptoms the

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athy, tick paralysis, curare poisoning, poliomyelitis,

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circumference before the operation was five feet and one-half (sixty-six

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* Two interviews with Mehemet Ali, when I was first in Egypt, gave

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•6106 Medico-chirurgical society of Glasgow. Trans.

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becoming a therapeutic agent of much value. Among its many

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March 30-31 — HIV Update. Centers for Disease Control and Long Beach

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previously a small fragment of either stone or iron had struck his

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441. Grape Catsup — Ingredients — 5 lbs. of ripe grapes, 2^ lbs. of

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Certain inorganic substances, which had been previously sterilized

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off by adhesions between the intestines. If these are left behind they

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in that more or less virulent bacilli may persist, sometimes for months, in an

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it will always be a pleasant remembrance. It only re-

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over the epigastrium elicited marked tenderness, especially to

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achieve, agreed to by the participants, based upon local needs and available

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elevate the fundus per vaginam, while the right hand guides the instru-

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that the poor should not be stinted, so in this thing

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Lewis. Thomas. Mechanism and graphic registration of the heart beat.

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moderate distention, and the area of flatness ascertained