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of disease and derangement of organs whose tendency is to
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tubation is more frequently indicated, from the fact
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Secretary Roberts: That was reconsidered on the second
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materials, but of course they are constantly collecting new bacteria
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by the brisk friction that had been bestowed upon them ;
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conditions in which chorea was present, but not always
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phenolated broth, phenolated jelly, and Remy's gelatin medium. In
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digestion depends upon restful sleep, fresh air, sunlight, physical exercise,
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curred, I inject hypodertiiically, without delay, twenty drops
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so, the conclusion was inevitable that in all cases of sudden.
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fever. Such a hybrid form of yellow fever had already been
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ten in eleven, or 90*9 per cent., by Frankl-Hochwart. The exciting
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of them lack a whole lot being a credit to the State which gave them
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cabinet, representatives of various scientific societies and
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Emergency Medicine Toxicology Conference, first Tuesday, 4:00 p.m., UAMS Education Building, Room B/106A&B
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288. — Kiittner (H.) Ueber die Resectio tibiocalcanea
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instances investigators have isolated microorganisms resembling, if
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red spots appeared over a wider distribution, some being
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Another rule which is now in force requires that every phy-
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requirement. Experimental data obtained on animals by C. Voit and
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Sj me and Dr. Christison, that it i.s incumbent on Sir D. Corrigan
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the cervical glands were enlarged and tender. There
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delicate constitution, instead of bleeding from the arm, blood