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was a strong, powerful boy of 14 years. He is still under observation,

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Figure 10. Closure of quadrangle after sliding tissues from opposite sides.

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surface should be prepared, dried, and an application

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are especially adapted to explain those apparent ex-

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rhoea) ; b, atony of uterine muscle, with the forma-

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the introduction of fluids into the body, such as nor-

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Russia — Vologda, government .Vug. 28-Sepl. 3 57 24

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Department of Health has been appointed by Dr. Ernst

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this point we extracted and separated the ether solu-

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no history of syphilis. He was a druggist and had worked

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Health of the City of Philadelphia : Typhoid fever, 77

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fected by women living in the heart of the city, but

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still had very fair sight in the right eye and good

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ing of each other, willing to do for each other, depriving

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speaking of these dislocations in their relation to

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mumps, 7 cases, o deaths ; infantile paralysis, 5 cases, i

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ity." This trade flourished to a large extent by ad-

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ough ; there is hardly a page of the eighteenth edi-

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tend that it is better for the race, as a whole, that

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made recently with the Canadian Medical Association.

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During this period of freedom from chills no parasites

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olii ru.iH ) '.—A' /{ / / ■,v / '/■/•. 1 / .V.

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Case XII. Duration of disease four weeks. Otorrhcea

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ties, retention of the urine, intermittent neuralgic