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hour after meals or at bedtime. The oil should never be given before food.

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tuberculosis, but is most common with the cerebral form. It is often out

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F. megalhasi. — The mature form of this parasite was found in Brazil

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frequently affected than the lower. The ary-epiglottic folds, the ventricular

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aged seem to require less and less as the years go by.

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with the formation of a periosteal abscess, or an ulcer exposing the bone,

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cavities and sinuses, in order to explain the distant reaction of headache

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ability, increase in cardiac tone, etc., but with these we are not now

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are generally at first situated in the superficial layers of the mucosa

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lief ; for by their quick evaportion, they render the

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Results of ulcer. — The ulcer may either cicatrise or perforate.

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efpecially the bark, the virtue of which in gangrenes

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foot makes the hrft beat ot the motion, and alG touches the

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which it is furrounded ; and that it reaches the coe-

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individual is unquestionably insane, and yet, because the mental phenomena

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including a study of the response of the various organs to their work

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support it. The onus of disproving it rested, therefore, with those who

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Often removal of a comparatively small portion of the fluid present,

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Later such tonsils also become possible foci for infection at distant

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of the muscular coat. The other poisons act as corrosives or great irritants,

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Ordinarily these parasites give rise to no disease. Occasionally,

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houfe, and be lee out only when the weather is very

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Unlike the other distomes affecting man, Bilharzia hceinatdbia is

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movement in the thoracic area is harder to judge owing to the ribs

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ministration of opium preparations or of morphine has undoubtedly a

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Hereditary syphilis, as a rule, requires prolonged and active treatment.

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produces the changes in the muscles and the nervous system which find

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or district court havinif local jurisdiction or in the Supreme Court

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they digeft, cieanfe, and correifl the malignity of

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tective in another way. "The healthy wife of a divinity student

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gangrenous. In actual practice there is no hard-and-fast line of distinction

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however, the coma is not complete, and the patient can be roused to take

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but if an ill-coloured matter is difcharged, and the

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may be modified by the committee if it does not prove suitable.

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forgotten contributions to physiology proved to have been made with

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eyes, and fometimes flretch out his limbs as if lie

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subacute catarrh rest on the following points : — (1) The relation of great

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at the extremity of the thigh. This articulation cor-