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cardialgia, and chronic gastric catarrh with hcematemcsis. The diag-
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also a certain lassitude, nausea, and loss of appetite ; and with these feel-
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E. Mucous coat. The gastnc follicles are shown filled
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arterioles. Where pyemia is caused by wounds in the rectum, visceral
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tom, and requires no treatment. The treatment of this catarrh is mostly
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antrum. Catarrh of the antrum may also result from the extension of in-
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pose. The organ in its gross as well as in its minute anatomical changes
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standing the enlargement feels like Method of tapping a hydrocele.
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lief, and the patient may be permanently cured. The application of local
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■sviry in peritonitis, rapid and feeble in enteritis. The temperature is
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made of camphor, asafoetida, pepper, and the essential oils or ether.
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removal of part of the sutures and establishing drainage. Pent-up
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cold, it is also of importance that we recognize the fact that the lesions and
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affection. It is sometimes observed in cases of chronic lead or arsenical poi-
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On microscopical examination the alveoli are found filled with numerous
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all circumstances an eager and thorough search should be made for the
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cause alone. Obstruction in the capillaries is much more serious ; for
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their surface smooth, and their capsule non-adherent.