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of Carum Carui, a small biennial umbelliferous plant, growing wild in
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pable of imparting so much iron to the circulation within a given tim*
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and then seduce the viewer into the stranger mystical dimensions.
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is scarcely one of the exanthcmatous fevers, or of the local inflammations
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severally to some distinct constituent of the skin ; but this has not been
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him an intelligent set of answers in an examination.
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proportion of malt is used, contains inPtifHcient alcohol to preserve it,
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used in this country is brought from the W, Indies. Under the name
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sion, and [iftrtially escape through the aperture. The whole process imed
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of sago" or 251 qrs. of flour ; so that it would require only
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naturales" The third comprehended all things prEeternatural
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it is not from want of food, but from the force of disease.
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to bring the system generally under the influence of iron. The dose is
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without being decomposed, and thus rendered unable to act on the i^ur-
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Laurel Leaves, and Cyanide of Potassium; 2. Chloroform; 8. Conium or Htm^
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U is inodorous and extremely bitter, and yields its bitterness and medical 1
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distorted body — the victim of her mother and fashion — or
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Fai^e Anqustura Bark. Under this name, a bark, now believed to
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tioner. But every one should bear in mind their great efficiency, and be
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sometimes whitish and soft as in the other Carthagcna barks, but some-
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being three years, and the dose for an adult 20 grains, the diminution
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and extremely fetid* so as to ha\^e aoqtured for the drug the name of
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It will be remembered that the medicine is in small doses simply tonio,
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inflammalion of the conjunctioaj of the moutli and fauceSf of the rtc-
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of nature and of art, and of the lives, good or ill,
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occasionally added to other substances administered in this form. It
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This is a vinous tincture, made by macerating powdered opium, cin-
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by some to be the most nourishing of the mucilaginous roots.
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stances, and particularly in the one last mentioned, it may be combined
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fibre and colouring matter. The Table in page 240 contains
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doen not fullow that the spasmodic contraction should h^ relieved at the
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events, in a less degree. The chalybeates, therefore, while they ariS
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amenorrhosa be superadded, myrrh may be combined with the other in-
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should generally be carried from one point to another of the surface,
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nae of an irritant m c &une . and a ptrmsnrnt sear is left I hare i
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arel, the halibut, the trout and carp when fat, the salmon,
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