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are— The Gospel of St. Mark, in Greek ; Latin Grammar; Czsar, Dt Belto Gallico^

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some present not members of his class. He had still a few sentences

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potassium act ? Was there a centre which regulated the temperature

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Newcastle. He thought it material that Government should come to

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tending between the summits of the pillars, is suspended a sacking-

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of a Bullet lodged in the Basilar Process of the Occipital Bone for a

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are still credulous enough to retain such opinions, or even to join the

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condition in cases of chronic hysteria ; the more severe cases of hysteria

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wound, and soon left the hospital quite convalescent.

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which, in the main, may be perpetuated by processes of infection, can-

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our professional brethren. To ascertain one point in the history of this

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had retired from practice, and had been residing at East Kergholt, in

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may hope to hear during this meeting of the Association.

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was ^5,540, and it was resolved that the third Sunday in December

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hall like that ; but it would be long before they got one. He proposed

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Hall, £\2 I2S. ; unlimited, £21. Surgical Practice and Dressing: 6

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a " tympano-hyal". This "can gener.illy be recognised in the skull

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sites within tliem, it is known that pus results from an abnormal growth

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ranged from Sd. to Is. for each p.atient; in 239, from Sd. to 3s.; in 348,

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in which we are assembled. I can quite assure you, gentlemen, that

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to diagnose refraction by means of it. Mr. Couper pointed out that,

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This was unfortunately the fate, also, of the aid-societies formed in

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Scotland; *WiIliam Paton Mackay, Scotland; *Harrison Mitchell, England;

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per cent, of the victims are children under five years of age, who are in-

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tion. After the depressed skull had been elevated, a quantity of grumous

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at a meeting of the Society ; there was then only a shortening of one

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My first idea was to employ wire for the pedicle ; but I find that

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cord its cause, and register still-births. He would also be available as

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shaving and tooth soap deserves attention as b ing a tooth-soap of

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lance staff — Dr. Bouchereau, physician to the Hospice Sainte-Anne —

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Secondary Deposits in the Facial and Cranial Bones, in a child.

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cil will be shortly in the hands of the profession. It is one of consider-

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thirty years' experience, and after considerable observation, that the

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London ; Dr. B. W. Richardson. London ; Dr. Baines, London ; Dr. Sewell,

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Present: — W. D. Husband, Esq. (in the Chair); Dr. Chadwick;

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were very simple, consisting of a few strips of lint dipped in carbolic

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liable to be swayed by every breeze of medical politics or feeling, would

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for baby-farming. In Paris, in 1865, of 4887 children abandoned younger than one

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(Edinburgh : Livingstone) include a very interesting case of oblique and

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population ; while the ratio per 1,000 which the insane bear to the