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place at some distance above the epiphyseal line. The fracture
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arrangement of the blood-vessels of the lungs, to de-
ounces of warm soft water, were slowly thrown ; the
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* Times and Gazette, July, 1867, pp. 58, 59 ; ^ov., 1867, p. 511 ; Owifs Hospital Rep.,
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grown people. Some people, no matter how much time they
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from the kidney, droplets of gas will be discovered in the fluid.
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diations into the organism, constituting reaction; while the other
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tions, is effective. It is my opinion that at times the
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supplied by careful hygienic measures, as to ventila-
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by the Saxons, into lyb, drug , fdpuct'tov, as the evil
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Sept 24 Contemporary Issues in Dialysis, Sheraton Midway Hotel, St. Paul, MN. 7 hrs Category 1 credit. Hennepin
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which the owners could not afford to do at once, and this system gives
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xix. 274-276 — Orthmann (E. G.) Beitrage zur n(U'-
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however, may be delayed by complications or sequelae, and fatal cases are apt
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that it will soon revisit this country, have invested the sub-
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lesions, will often go far toward effecting a cure, the disorder being fre-
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thing. Labor was induced, and she passed an enormous mass like the
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The KELEKET exhibit will be in charge of Mr. G. E. Geise,
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iu Senatum venit ; " but as he came, it was, if not commisera-
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work, the author aaya, in his prefaee. is to give the
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specific disease, chiefly afiecting children, lasting
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greater need of investigation, and in none more prospect of
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spend every cent on the journal itself, and make it
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in the torrid zone, before the course of the symptoms had been
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war, and the recent Russian-Japanese war. Overcrowding, lack of
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evidences of this condition, no one would think of prescribe
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plague. The organism is rather a bacterium than bacil-
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six to seven weeks. In the spring of 1869 symptoms of gleet became apparent, which sub-
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inserted the iodide was vigorously pushed. The neoplasm had
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altogether the result is perfect. Therefore I say that I believe there is
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Dr. Hirst belongs to the moderate school, and does not at once
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may then be bathed in hot water, or a hot bath taken to relieve pain and irrita-
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and upon the mascles themselves. Among these substances
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at its base contained much dark, only very slightly decolourised and
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